Would you buy an Apple television?

Would you buy an Apple television?

The Wall Street Journal confirms the development testing of the first Apple TV. Meanwhile, a survey of AlphaWise and Morgan Stanley says that 47% of U.S. consumers would be interested in buying and also to pay 20% more than normal.

The Apple TV is in development but the most interesting detail is that it seems to be wanted a bit ‘all. They want the media such as the Wall Street Journal that he is doing the long history, but also consumers, according to a recent market survey signed by AlphaWise and Morgan Stanley. Finally, how can we forget the producers of components, and of course the great assembler Foxconn Wall Street.

In large periods of crisis you need to dream. The iTV (Apple TV because a brand is in fact already burnt) is set to become on paper what has been the iPhone to the smartphone market. A kind of new technological paradigm, ‘s own admission of Steve Jobs . It is true that today’s mobile phone apple can be easily joined to similar competing products, but in 2007 the iPhone if played with the Nokia E62, the Palm and BlackBerry. In short, he had opened a new door in the consumer world.

Today we still know little about how this could be television, even last year there was talk of 32 and 55 inches . The only certainties are that it will cost more than the average (the same size), will stand for the design, will benefit from an interface evolved , will integrate functions from TV media and finally mount a screen LCD quality. All these attributes are taken for granted more journalistic indiscretions, the spifferate producers eastern and a little ‘analytical capacity. It is obvious that if Apple has always stood for quality of the screens, design and interfaces will not produce a TV that is hard to see, from old-growth lines and with the experience of an old VHS video recorder (‘s worst nightmare when I remember).

“It is not yet a formal project. It‘s still at an early stage of testing , “he revealed to the Wall Street Journal, a source close to Foxconn. Yes, even this giant Chinese dance. There is little to do is also the undisputed star of the television production of Cupertino. The reason is simple: it has a key partnership with Sharp, who as we all know is one of the largest LCD manufacturers in the world.

“The potential of attraction that creates the television to consumers will continue to push companies (platform) to explore the area. Given this, although the battle is yet to begin, we note that it has the potential to strengthen existing winning such as Apple, or completely destroy the market once again, “it said in a recent report by Goldman Sachs on the subject. As if to say that the world of finance could take advantage of it and the title Apple re-start its run on NASDAQ.

As for consumers there is a recent survey of AlphaWise, cited by Apple Insider , which begins to outline the potential U.S. customer. The 47% are interested and about 20% would be willing to pay even more than normal. Be noted that the bands of the more likely are those of 18-29 and 45-64. The average price of a TV today is comparable to $ 884: 46% would be willing to pay more than 1,000, while 10% even more than $ 2,000.

At this point it is evident that the positioning on the market could be the key detail for the eventual success (or less) of the BTI. The feeling is that Apple will occupy a space that today is not manned by anyone, or that between the big brands in the industry and the small mass of luxury such as Bang & Olufsen and Loewe. Never the less it will be interesting to find out how much will it cost her in a more TV than average. In short, the iTV is a fascinating question because it concerns also the technology industry’s most important mass-market world.