Thomson Colour TV 29DM182T – Introduction and Specifications

Thomson Colour TV 29DM182T – Introduction and Specifications

Among OLED, plasma and LCD with LED backlight, publish a test of a TV with CRT technology might seem like a provocation. With the passing of the pages you will discover that you are out of the way. This is not retro-review and even a new editorial line “vintage”. The decision to review what is probably one of the last TV Color CRT “entry-level” to be produced, it does not mean that they are not even mad. At least not yet.

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What then is behind this review? First of all, to be nostalgic for the good old days of AVS MUST be at least one test of a CRT TV. In addition, through this review, I will address the operation of the CRT technology that precedes other articles on other display technologies (LCD, plasma, OLED, to keep silent projectors). Finally, this article will be a prerequisite to another job that took me several months of intense research and it is finally finished: motion-blur and measure response times .

Returning to the subject of this test, it is one of the last CRT products from Thomson (a company of which we have only the brand) that I have chosen only because it is in my possession for a few years (paid 169 Euro but should still be Available online at about 300 Euro). The kinescope, produced by Thomson in Poland, has a diagonal of 29 “and an aspect ratio of 4:3. The TV is fairly inexpensive and essential: only pin SCART inputs and RCA / S-video, only accepts signal and standard definition interlaced scanning. Simply put, you can only play 576i or 480i.

An interesting note concerns the mode in 16:9: although the CRT is 4:3, by pressing a button you can confine the deflection of cathode rays only in the aspect ratio to 16:9. The image will be smaller, there will be black bars above and below; on the other hand anamorphic sources (DVD and digital TV), will be played at their native resolution with an increase of details rather sensitive. I repeat: this is not a resampling (scaling) of digital: the image is actually drawn with all the scanning lines but with aspect ratio 16:9.  Credit :

Technical Specifications :

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