The television Intel is ready for 2013

The television Intel is ready for 2013

Intel will become virtual television operator in 2013 thanks to new online services, decoders and other product lines. It was thought to have a presentation for the CES in Las Vegas but according to the Wall Street Journal have to wait until at least the third quarter.

The first television and decoder Intel probably will not be disclosed during the upcoming CES 2013 in Las Vegas , as was expected. The Wall Street Journal yesterday it entered into the heart of the story explaining that the great project Intel is facing some obstacle, especially on the front of the licensee. In practice would ready TV services online, decoders and devices of various kinds but still lacking contracts with media companies to distribute video content.

The Intel Media subsidiary that is working on the development of every novelty seems to have enjoyed a budget of more than $ 100 million , not counting the know-how of Intel itself. It should be noted then that the staff has been created assuming specialists in Silicon Valley rather than recycling the employees of the Group.

The TV line does not represent a leap of faith is strong because of the experience with the Google TV project. Although there are no details yet on the overall project, according to the experts and some indiscretion, Intel wants to create a real “virtual television operator”. A sort of broadcasters Web able to offer the same bouquet television available today via cable or satellite. All of course on a subscription basis.

On the technology front it also speaks of the integration of facial analysis and speech recognition. In practice, the decoder will be a new generation , with advanced interfaces, functions and potential for social computing close to those of a standard PC.

The problem of this emerging field, however, is not technical, but licensee. Intel is facing the same difficulties as Apple and media companies are afraid to commit faux pas, since today the eco-system, traditional TV is the source of greater income.

However, the time is ripe and the products and services, Intel TV are expected for 2013. It matters little if the third or fourth quarter.