Sony: OLED to stop, focus on LCD 4K

Sony: OLED to stop, focus on LCD 4K

According to the head of the Japanese Nikkei, Sony had decided to stop development of OLED technology for commercial purposes. Nothing OLED TV, then in the near future: the focus of the company, at the level of the display will be the production of LCD Ultra HD resolution. To motivate this choice would be little demand: Sony does not provide a real increase in demand for OLED in the near future. For their part, however, the LCD Ultra HD are already generating revenue and can help to bring the TV division profitable, for the first time after 11 years (we speak of the fiscal year ending March 2015).

To better understand the situation, you must provide a few numbers: Sony is currently among the market leaders Ultra HD: at the level of units shipped, are the Chinese manufacturers (all together) to hold the record, but when you consider the “value” of the market (ie, if you take into account the prices and related revenues), Sony has won as much as 20% of the total, in 2013. The Japanese manufacturer sees the real possibility of being able to leverage its brand palatable, the order to further expand its share. In 2014 will be released, in fact, seven models LCD Ultra HD, with a very significant increase over the previous year (more than double). The stated aim is to quadruple sales by the end of the fiscal year. The Ultra HD TV will constitute between 40 and 50% of the range “large TV” Sony, while last year the figure stopped at 10-20%.

Sony will reassign the staff currently working on the development of OLED TV at the Atsugi Technology Center, for other tasks, including the creation of new products related to the 4K Ultra HD. In the meantime we will proceed to cut costs in order to bring in active TV division among these cuts there will also be a reduction equal to 20% of all expenses for labor related to consumer electronics.

We recall that the news is reported, for now, a rumor (albeit from a highly reliable source, ed) and must, therefore, be confirmed. At the end of March, we reported another rumor, virtually opposite direction, which assumed a purchase by Sony (and Panasonic, see news ), LG OLED panels, so that they can create their own range of OLED TV.  Source: