Sony Bravia KDL40HX855 Review – HDTV Review

Sony Bravia KDL40HX855 Review – HDTV Review


Finally came also the Sony TV: The 2012 range is in shops from May and after a few weeks of thorough test here is the proof of what is one of the most interesting models in the range, the HX855. In fact, if you remove the Full LED local dimming HX920, but still in the range belonging to the 2011 series, the TV 40 “we are going to try is the new flagship Bravia for this year, except surprise at IFA.

Sony changes, though not much: the square lines of the previous year have been remodeled and softened with a thin aluminum piping along the panel, the panel is flush covered by a sheet of Gorilla Glass.

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HX855 is used on the model in fact the best panel available in Sony’s home, a Full HD protected by super-tough Gorilla Glass with OptiContrast to minimize reflections and improve contrast: these are the main differences with the HX755, and perhaps only true for these worth making some small sacrifice more.
But this is not just TV panel, indeed, is a very complete TV from all points of view: Smart TV Sony Entertainment Network, DVB-T2 and a sound system plugged into the base which is a plus not indifferent to competition, to maintain the super reduced thickness, inserted in the tiny TV speakers from the modest quality. We must say that, in the case of Sony, if you hang the TV on the wall this advantage is lost, and audio to be “modest”.


Compared to the 2012 range Sony has slightly altered the design: nothing extreme, mind you, but just a few tips to better characterize the line Monolithic. The entire frame of the TV is edged in thin brushed aluminum, an edge joining the front screen to the rear panel well cared for. The front as we have already said is not glass, but Gorilla Glass, the toco is warmer and reminds the plastic, but it is definitely resistant.

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The front surface reflects but not excessively so: the situation seems improved compared to last year (but the reflections remain) and also the viewing angle is almost perfect, visibility remains excellent even at extreme angles.

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The frame is very thin: even if you do not see, because it is hidden from the glass edge to edge there are at least 3 mm border on each side and about 5 on the bottom where they were placed sensors and the Sony logo silver.

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The base, flared at the bottom, an integrated sound system with digital amplifier and two speakers in the front area. The basis of last year, the highest and rear subwoofer offered with no doubt a better performance but this new base, more refined, offers better performance than the integrated speakers (just disconnect the rear connector to realize it), even if we are not to the levels of a sounbar. Missing in fact low and the range is a bit ‘too compressed.

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A note on positioning: with the base speaker is not possible to orient the TV and not even keep it straight: the screen will always have a slight inclination of 6 °

The remote control is a remake than last year, but without the on off button at the rear. Practical and comfortable as always, this year also has the SEN button for direct access to the Sony Entertainment Network. Missing the backlight, and the use of plastic as a material makes it light but also that feeling of “economy” that we should never have on a product that is still very high-end.

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The Sony HX855 has a park connections remarkable and commendable thing does not require adapters of any kind. Scart and Component are located on the rear panel, a position that makes it inadvisable to the attachment to the wall.

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A wire in the lower part were instead installed the plug LAN (wifi is integrated), the two doors and SAT DVB-T tuner, two HDMI inputs and optical output. On the short side instead find two more HDMI inputs, audio output for headphones, VGA PC input with audio, CI + slot and two USB ports.

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The TV is a Sony HX855 TV Full Optional: integrated wi-fi, DVB-T2, possibility to connect a mouse or a keyboard player and built-in DLNA and USB PVR also on USB stick.’s Screen interface, which refers with the “home” button is the evolved version of the cross media bar overlooking the Sony models in recent years: at the bottom to scroll through the main areas of use, instead go to the right column to select the functions.

In terms of video and audio settings Sony has included everything, indeed, perhaps too much. To understand the level of adjustments possible with this TV enough to say that for each HDMI input and for each resolution applied to that input can determinale the matrix color from among ITU601 and ITU709. Similarly, you can select the range for each input as well as HDMI managing both sources for extended range 0-255 PCs as well as those with blacker than black and whiter than white and range from 16 to 235 as the blu-ray. L to TV also does everything automatically, and if you do not know what you’re doing is best to leave it to her.

Very complete also the section of video adjustments, with customized settings for the processor Reality Creation, management and visualization of other functions such as filters and dynamic control of the LED, the brightness limiter and Motionflow.

Robe by nerds and geeks, but thankfully Sony has also thought of those who watch movies and not adding the pixels of scene modes that very well done with a few clicks of the remote control they give a really enjoyable without much thought of filters, range & diverse settings.

The USB function as well as the DLNA playback are quick, fast, and work well: digest almost all formats that have fed without uncertainties and error messages, the only problem we had with a movie via DLNA format XVID / AC3.

Interesting then the Gracenote TrackID function: When an advertisement or a movie, simply press the button on the remote control to activate the riconocimento the audio track or the song.


Sony has worked a lot on the section of the Sony HX855 Smart TV, but this is perhaps not the part that has convinced us. Let me be clear, the work done is excellent but what is lacking is a kind of glue between the various parts that appear between them disorganized and disunited.

To access the Smart TV functionality in fact there are two options: press the button on the remote control SEN opens the interface Sony Entertainment Network, a sort of dashboard initial condensation applications, videos, and music widget with a theme style “metro”. The same content (in fact many more) but you can also be accessed by pressing the home button, thus making this a duplication homescreen. Sony probably he wanted to have herself a homepage such as those from LG and Samsung, but we find that its basic interface fast, responsive and easy it was already enough to keep ahead of competition.

Also in relation to the “Smart TV” there are also other inconsistencies: the role of video content over the internet or access to Youtube, to Rai.TV, Daily Motion and to all providers of video content is separated from the other features, and Also Sony Sony Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited are two applications separately. then Sony has also added the widget, there are Facebook, Twitter, RSS readers and other micro apps like the calendar and calculator. To these, however, while also having the TV Store Opera, with a number of applications that are not installed on the TV but must be retrieved from the Application screen: in fact it is a Smart TV into a Smart TV, with a logic a bit convoluted and confusing.

A pity, because the HX855 is very complete and lacks nothing but would be belo have a screen for video, a screen for music and one for applications and widgets, with a single “market” for downloading.
There are also the Opera browser, Skype and the ability to handle the TV with an app for Android and iOS. Here’s a video that condenses all the features.


It still makes sense to discuss the quality of a high-end LED TV? In preparation are now the majority of TV shows of 2012, and others more are coming. But the more we watch TV the more we realize that almost all the models have reached a degree of maturity that you can hardly criticize decided. The Sony HX855 is certainly no exception: Sony last year had already done some TV and leaning to the same base year has again improved the situation, however, starting from a good base already. Paradoxically, one can say that it is increasingly difficult to prove the TV from the point of view of quality, rather, it is becoming impossible: the majority of defects that can be charged to a TV are to be bound to individual specimens.

Spurious bright, clouding, no uniformity, banding are the greatest enemies of the consumer and of those who rightly expects a perfect panel, but often coming from the TV to try, since the sample controllatissimi, are perfect from this point of view.

A situation similar to that of the TV that the lenses of the SLR: there is an excellent example as it exists to faint at the edges, it is all a matter of luck.

The Sony HX855 that we have in the laboratory is virtually perfect from this point of view: only if we raise excessively the brightness we realize that the angle at the bottom right is a bit ‘more clear but it is not a test condition, is an extreme . Otherwise just look at some black screen to realize that this TV can push the limits of LED technology, providing images with a very high contrast, bright and dynamic, but above all blur.

The resolution and subtle gradations between colors are the two strengths of this TV, we tried with different blu-ray and with different test signals and in all cases we appreciated the high edge sharpness, sometimes razor-sharp, and subtle color soft and sweet, without jerks or uncertainties. If you really want to find a flaw in Sony (without of course become maniacs pixels) we can speak of a black level still not perfect, because otherwise the OLED would have no reason to exist, and an improved yield in the low lights where some small detail is sometimes drowned. Little thing, in any case.

The other surprising fact is that these results are obtained starting from the scene modes “cinema” and applying any corrections without too much work and not improvise calibrators.

Turning off the MotionFlow in some circumstances you feel any trail, but our advice is to leave the management system frame of “sharp”, a setup that provides an image “cinema-like” maintaining resolution, sharpness and zero trails.

The Sony HX855 is really a very good TV, a TV with the muscles and the brain: on the one hand there is in fact a very good panel, at least in the sample we tested, the other is an X-Reality Pro processor that handles the better the panel without making the image contrived, indeed. Fluency, gradations, management of shades and dimming highlight an excellent job of video processing used on this Bravia.

As the latest Sony HX855 also proves to be a very good TV to play: the measured input lag in game mode stands at around 25 – 35 ms.
Good consumption: 93 Watt, more or less as declared on the energy label. Remains in Class A.

If the yield in 2D and movies in high definition convincing, you can not say the same thing for 3D. Or better than last year does not seem that there have been steps forward net. The yield of a plasma at the level of crosstalk is much better and even though Sony has tried to improve the algorithm still failed to generate a compact, small wakes or without some slight splitting at the edges. Something they also make glasses, and we have tried with glasses below.

Sony Bravia KDL40HX855 Review - HDTV Review 10

There are also new models of glasses lighter and different that might give a slightly better result. In any case, the picture has a good three-dimensionality and it is not too dark: the overall yield is aligned to that of the other LED TV with active 3D system, neither better nor worse.