Sharp Quattron Simulates the 4K with Full HD

Sharp Quattron Simulates the 4K with Full HD

Sharp announced in Japan a new series of TV AQUOS Quattron XL10 that exploits the panel to create an image from a 4K full HD panel.

Fished the Sharp Quattron panel, with sub-pixel red, green, blue and yellow, and made ​​a series of full HD TV but displaying images 4K or so. Something obviously does not come back into the equation and there is in fact an ingenious trick. What the Japanese engineers were able to do in fact, was completely redesign the drive of the panel, so as to independently control each sub-pixel. The new technology makes its debut in Japan with the new Quattron range XL10 Pro. In panel Quattron each color of a pixel is made up of two sub-pixels.In the first place the two rows of sub-pixels are managed separately so that radoppiare the vertical resolution.The most ingenious solution is to multiply the horizontal resolution :

Sharp Quattron Simulates the 4K with Full HD -2

In practice Sharp in the new TV monitors separately the red and blue sub-pixels, using as a “bridge” the yellow sub-pixel to create a new pixel. The image 4K input must obviously be reworked in order to use this scheme, which is called “super-resolution split drive engine”. The result is clearly not the same as a true panel 4K, also because it is used a yellow sub-pixels in place of the green pixels to control the brightness of the “virtual”. From the description Sharp – interpreting from Japanese – seem to understand that the image is analyzed to determine the peak brightness associated with the detail and therefore the resolution of the panel re-arranged so as to give as much detail as possible.

The range consists of five models with dimensi from 46, 52, 60, 70 and 80 inches out on the Japanese market in November. The new TV support 4K video up to 30p (HDMI 2 then nothing), have a function of 4K upconversion for traditional signs, reproduce 3D images even with the glasses optional and are THX certified.