Samsung will Tizen even on older TV

Samsung will Tizen even on older TV

Also planned for this year, the new version of Evolution Kit for HD and Ultra HD TV: update the old TV to Tizen. The new system looks very promising, much easier to use and much faster.

Samsung will Tizen even on older TV 2

Samsung keeps his word: a manager has confirmed that Evolution Kit with upgrade to Tizen will be available for Full HD TV from the ES series and the TV 4K with the external box for the update. Along with the kit, as always, will be given the new remote control with pointer and gyroscope built by Samsung examining the data of the keys used by people. We do not know how Samsung has obtained such data, presumably with an anonymous collection of information from smart TV connected.

Tizen is a good step forward: the interface still was not full so it was not possible to navigate in the menus, but it seemed more responsive and faster than last year, even if part of the credit goes to the eight-core processor . Tizen, in addition to the new interface and at the higher speed does not bring big changes: the only addition is an integration function on the television signal of metadata that enrich in real time sports broadcasting. Significant improvements in gaming: the camera used on the new model is able to make positional tracking similar to Kinect allowing the launch of games like Just Dance from Ubisoft and creating fitness app dedicated to the sensor.

Samsung will Tizen even on older TV 3

Still on the subject comes access to Playstation games Now, the service from Sony for the PS3 games streaming: the TV accept DualShock controller and has dedicated app for the connection to the cloud gaming.

Tizen will be used by Samsung on the entire range of TV in 2015 and as an upgrade from previous versions: the only thing to understand is the ability for the TV last year, series H, to update all without necessarily buy Evolution Kit.

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