Samsung LCD TV H7100 in 2014

Samsung LCD TV H7100 in 2014

The actual Samsung F7000 series

“The awarding of the prizes CES 2014 Innovations Awards has revealed the first model in the range of Samsung TVs for 2014: H7100 is a LED LCD 65” with quad-core processor and Full HD 240Hz panel “

An interesting piece of news was leaked from the allocation of CES 2014 Innovations Awards and the related press release of Samsung released only in Korea (which understandably has had little attention in the West).Among the many award-winning Samsung products (they are all over 24) is one of the TV that will make up the range of the 2014 Korean giant, the UN65H7100 (which will be renamed UE65H7100 in Europe). As the name implies, it is a TV with a diagonal of 65 “, equipped with an LCD panel LED, in all probability in Full HD resolution.

Samsung passes, then, from the series “F” to “H”, which will be equipped with a quad-core processor and what is defined as “a real 240Hz panel.” It is also added that, thanks to the latter feature, ghosting will be virtually non-existent. Obviously we will have to wait for the CES in January in order to understand concretely what you conceal behind these 240Hz but, according to some rumors, it could be the implementation of the black frame insertion.This solution is already known and implemented on different products (Sony, for example, makes use of both on TV that on headlamps): consists in inserting, between the frames of the original content, the additional frame blacks, that reducing the persistence to video (and consequently also on the retina) of the individual frames, involve a reduction of the motion-blur and entrainment. The resulting picture is clearer, while, on the other hand, we are witnessing a loss of brightness (not necessarily influential on a LCD TV, due to the high brightness), as well as a higher or lower percentage of flickering. To know the remaining specifications (as well as the reasons that led to the assignment of the prize), it was not until January.