Samsung handyman wants to produce even the GPU

Samsung handyman wants to produce even the GPU

Rumors last-Samsung wants to work on a GPU to be coupled with Exynos: if they speak for a year but now maybe the time is ripe

Samsung wants to end completely designed, engineered and assembled in the house especially minimizing the number of components of License: these are the rumors that filter from the upper floors of the Korean giant production plans in the medium to long term to continue to be the leader of the market. The idea goes for a while environment, but now seems to have taken a bit more consistency in the light of the targeted recruitment of engineers from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA that can make a difference in the design of GPU to pair with Exynos SoC. For the Galaxy S6 now everything is ready, the GPU will probably (and as always) series of ARM Mali, but for the future plans seem to point in another direction.

Samsung is slowly replacing Exynos Qualcomm with its products: for now he did on the tablet and on local products, but the total passage to the proprietary solution may be a matter of months. One more step has been made with the LTE module installed on your own Exynos chip, and a new GPU is the “next step” more logical. Although, it is always well to remember, produce a GPU that can keep up with the competition starting from scratch is not a simple thing.