Review Sony KDL-55W805C 55 inch 3D LED Smart Android TV From What HiFi Magazine

Review Sony KDL-55W805C 55 inch 3D LED Smart Android TV From What HiFi Magazine

Ultra HD 4K screens may be grabbing all the headlines, but Full HD screens are still in the majority. This Sony KDL- 55W805C is an elegant, vibrant telly that has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

The 55in screen has 1080p Full HD resolution, features Google’s new Android TV platform and offers an enjoyable big-screen picture for £1100.

Credit : What HiFi Magazine

A convincing sense of space

It gives a crisp, glossy picture. All the shimmering colours in the Jupiter Ascending Blu-ray look vivid and rich, with layers of fine detail bursting out. The bright colours of the planets and shining structures pop against the deep, inky black of space – it’s quite dramatic. The luscious blacks are impressive too, drawing you further into a scene.

But we’d like a touch more clarity and subtlety to those scenes, especially when watching a dark show such as Daredevil on Netflix, where large expanses of shadows (verging on pitch-black on the Sony screen) tend to swallow up detail. The subtle gradations in shading – whether in a grey suit, the side of someone’s face, or a wall – aren’t fully revealed by this 55in screen.

You lose a sense of depth, too, with characters in the foreground meshing in with the dark backgrounds.

Subtle tint

There’s a slight yellow tint to the colour balance. You can see it on the bright, white outfits of tennis players at Wimbledon, and in skin tones that look a little too sallow to be fully natural. However, the rest of the KDL-55W805C’s palette has an appealingly exuberant tone that is exciting to watch. Grassgreen courts, clear blue skies and the purple branding all look clear and punchy when watched in Freeview HD.

Change over to the standard definition version and the expected drop in clarity doesn’t rob the picture of its strong contrast or bold colour balance. It’s quite noisy, though: you can see the speckled noise clinging around the edges of the Wimbledon whites as the players move across the grass court. It’s worth having a play with Sony’s motion and noise settings here, as they’re subtle enough to have a smoothing effect without the picture looking too artificial.

We’d urge you use a THX Optimizer disc to tweak the picture settings further on the Sony. We just wish the settings would apply to all the inputs and media, as having to re-do all of them when watching Netflix or a 3D film (active glasses are not included in the box) can be rather tiresome.

Talking point

If you’re watching something that’s dialogue-heavy, the Sony’s clarity and directness shine through. Voices are crisp and expressive, yet there’s little impact to the overall sound. We’d like a weightier presentation, especially with Blu-rays.

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Sony has implemented Android TV as the smart interface across its 2015 TV ranges. It’s a clean, spacious and orderly layout. Scrolling up and down through the list is swift, and it’s handy having your most recently opened apps clearly displayed. Our only niggle is that there are some mild stutters in operation.

Filling in the gaps

Netflix heads the collection of ondemand apps, backed up by Amazon Prime, YouTube and BBC iPlayer. It’s not an exhaustive selection, but Sony keeps adding to the list with successive software updates. Android TV has a neat way around missing apps, though: Google Cast support. If you have an app open on your smartphone or tablet, you can ‘cast’ it to the Sony. It’s not quite the same as having the native app on your TV, but it’s one way to work around it.

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Android TV also comes with the perks of Google Play Store, so you can download TV shows, movies, games and music straight to your TV.

Elegant but not delicate

The Sony TV is sleek and slim, with a thin sliver of bezel surrounding the 55in screen. The build is sturdy despite its elegant frame, standing firmly on a similarly sleek metal stand that slots in neatly under the TV.

It’s not slim all the way – the back end bulges at the bottom to house the TV’s connections. The KDL-55W805C features four HDMI inputs, three USB ports, and an optical output. Freeview HD and satellite tuners are also on board.Review Sony KDL-55W805C 55 inch 3D LED Smart Android TV - 2

You get two remotes with this TV: a standard control and Sony’s One-Flick touchscreen-dependent handset. We’ve always got on well with Sony’s standard remotes, which are intuitive to use thanks to logically placed buttons and speedy response times. The One-Flick remote doesn’t feel quite as instinctive in comparison. Its light, plastic body feels cheap and, although the swiping functions work better with the new Android TV interface, we still feel more comfortable using traditional buttons.

The Sony’s 55in screen is the biggest draw here. You could easily buy a 4K resolution screen for less (the Panasonic TX-40CX680C at £700, for instance) but you would be sacrificing the benefits of a large, vibrant screen.

The KDL-55W805C isn’t perfect, but it is an engaging, inviting, attractive screen that is worth a look.

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