Review LG 32LN5110 (32″ Flat Panel TV) from AV Max Magazine

Review LG 32LN5110 (32″ Flat Panel TV) from AV Max Magazine

The word ‘budget’ is always associated with compromises and we feel that there is nothing wrong in it. If anybody tries to analyse the pricing of televisions, one would not take very long to understand that it is mainly based on ‘features’ like screen size, 3D, full HD, 3D, intelligence, etc.—more the features, higher the pricing. So if you are looking for a flat panel and are also running on a tight budget, the best way to go about it would be to list down the most important features that you are looking for and opt for the elimination process until you get the right balance of budget and features that you want from your TV. On the same lines, for our ‘Budget Special’ issue, we have reviewed the LG 32LN5110 from the new series released for 2013.

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Out of the Box

There are so many flat panels available in the market these days and, more importantly, most of them more or less look the same. Particularly, when we consider the under 30K price-slab, there is hardly any choice and innovation that we come across. Still, LG has managed to keep things interesting with its trapeziumshaped platform for the stand. Otherwise, the TV is very subtle and subdued. The build quality, though, is not compromised at all. You can literally feel that in every edge and every curve. In this regard, we must say LG is very reliable.

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Review LG 32LN5110 (32 inch Flat Panel TV) from AV Max Magazine - 3This is the part where you will start feeling the punch of the tag ‘Budget’. As we have mentioned earlier, you will have to compromises in terms of features. Accordingly, there is absolutely no jazz with the 32LN5110, unlike most of the TVs that you will find in the market from the same manufacturer. Leave aside 3D and smart features; the TV is not even full HD. The 32LN5110 is a HD ready LED TV with a native resolution of 1366×768. It offers just the basic control and connectivity options that you would expect from any TV, viz two HDMI inputs and also a couple of USB inputs, along with the regular component and composite video inputs. The USB input is of special interest here as if used optimally it can easily save the cost of a DVD player or for that matter, even a Blu-ray player for you. Through the USB input, you can playback images (jpeg), music (AC3-Dolby Digital, eAC3*, AAC, MPEG, MP3, PCM ) and also movies (including DivX). Another interesting feature in this TV, according to us, is the headphone out. With its small screen size it is quite possible that most of you would sit close to the TV and the headphone out will come in handy at times when you don’t want to disturb others.

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Remote Control

Just like any other LG remote, the remote for the 32LN5110 is jam packed with buttons, almost as if they would fall off from the remote if not held properly. According to us, LG could have made the size of the remote slightly bigger. Nonetheless, the remote is very handy we could operate all of its features without any problems. It runs on two AAA batteries.

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With no fancy smart features and 3D, setting up the TV is as easy as it can get. Just connect the power, connect your set top box and the DVD or Blu-ray player or, even better, a USB drive and simply get going. On the picture control front, the TV comes with the template LG user interface, which gives a handful of options to tweak the picture according to your liking. Even the preset options are good to start with. We had connected a 320GB USB Hard-drive to the TV for which the TV took less than two minutes to completely detect all the content and properly organize it in categories of images, music and movies. Now, this is pretty fast for a TV which claims to have no special processors of any sort. The TV’s audio output is pretty neat in terms of intelligibilty and clarity (considering TV audio standards). So listening to music on the TV was good fun, wherein the TV was able to easily cater to our approximately 150 sq ft room without any problem. We did not even have to crank up the volume too much. Just at 60 to 70 percent of the total volume we had enough juice and power in the regular Bollywood film music tracks that we were listening to.

Coming to the picture quality, the TV boasts of the same crystal clear picture quality that we have seen in a number of LG TVs till date. Coming to the question of should one spend on a HD ready TV when there are a number of full HD TVs available in the market—we would say, yes, unless you are looking at small screen sizes of 32”. The reason being that in small screen sizes, there is no apparent difference between a full HD playback and a HD ready playback. Also, the best part is that this TV can easily handle full HD signals and tone them down to 720p without losing out on any information while rendering images with considerable detail and clarity.

Credit : AV MAx Magazine