Review 4K TV Samsung UE55HU7500 from What HiFi Magazine

Review 4K TV Samsung UE55HU7500 from What HiFi Magazine

Review 4K TV Samsung UE55HU7500

Recently we gave our first ever five-star 4K TV verdict to the Samsung UE65HU7500. That’s the big brother to the one you see before you today. It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say we’re expecting great things.

What we’re really after is great picture performance across 4K, Full HD and standard definition. Is that too much to ask? Not according to this Samsung, which proves to be a rounded, versatile individual – and not just in its restrained, elegant, near-rimless appearance.

We’ll start with 4K. This Samsung is fully equipped with HDMI 2.0 ports and the HEVC decoder needed to stream Netflix in 4K. We waste no time in queuing up a few episodes of House of Cards, and it looks lovely.

Review 4K TV Samsung UE55HU7500 - 2The main draw of 4K – the ultra-high resolution – is present and accounted for. Everything is afforded texture aplenty. Edges are sharp and well defined. The picture is wonderfully crisp and very clear, even during slow panning shots.

Vibrant yet subtle

Colour reproduction is excellent – in the past we’ve bashed Samsung for its overblown approach to colours, but here the hues are beautifully judged. It’s still a vibrant picture, but the approach is subtle and altogether more mature. We put it next to the Panasonic TX-58AX802, the Panasonic has a warmer, richer palette, but the Samsung’s subdued approach means it’s more realistic.

Black levels are good, and contrast is strong. The Panasonic offers deeper blacks, but the Samsung counters with more visible dark detail. There’s plenty of texture in shadows.

Upscaling is top-ranking

Time for a spot of Full HD, and we’re pleased to see the Samsung is just as capable here. The upscaled picture looks as good as it does on some of the best Full HD TVs. The picture is crisp and detailed, with barely a hint of picture noise (unless we lean forward and squint). Brighter shades are punchy while maintaining that subtlety, while skin tones are convincing. The LG 55UB950V offers a sharper image, but it looks more artificial than the Samsung’s.

For 3D, you get two pairs of activeshutter glasses. The picture has plenty of detail and a real sense of depth. There’s a touch of instability to more chaotic scenes (like the flying fish segment in Life of Pi), but that’s not unusual.

We move down to standard definition and, although there’s no avoiding the jump in noise and blurriness, the Samsung still does an excellent job.

The sound is the weak point here, but only in the usual fatscreen-TV way: it could do with more weight and greater dynamics, despite a decent sense of scale and good tonal balance.

We were fans of last year’s smart interface, and Samsung has given it a facelift this year. You get five pages of content: games, apps, live TV, Review 4K TV Samsung UE55HU7500 - 3ondemand content and ‘multimedia’, which is where you go after you plug in a USB stick. The most welcome development is the implementation of the ‘Smart Hub’ button, which opens the hub without booting you out of whatever you were doing before.

Connections are generous: three USBs, four HDMI and one each of component, composite and SCART. There’s also a satellite tuner to go with the standard Freeview HD option.

We’re very impressed by the Samsung UE55HU7500. Its picture looks great across all resolutions and it has plenty of good features. If you’re looking to get a 4K TV right now, look no further.

Credit : What HiFi Magazine