Peace Samsung / LG OLED joint project

Peace Samsung / LG OLED joint project

LG and Samsung make peace after a year of legal battles relating to patents on the OLED led to continuous main causes in Korean courts. Display LG Display and Samsung, the two companies that produce panels for their respective divisions, “electronics” and also for third parties have finally realized that the patent war is hurting both companies, and thus have issued a joint statement where they undertake now onwards to bury the hatchet and find solutions together to solidify the leadership that you have gained in the global market of the panels.

A spokesman for Samsung said that “Samsung is convinced that only cooperation between the two companies will be able to cement their global leadership, adding that the war in court is only a consumption of energy.”Similarly, also thinks LG, which released a brief statement which explains that “only together with Samsung and LG will be able to improve their competitiveness in the global market.”

Peace Samsung - LG OLED joint project 2

What happened between the two bitter enemies? It is no secret that Japanese companies, Panasonic in the first place, are taking important steps in the development of OLED TV due to the development of production technology in printing, and it is likely that the risk of losing ground in the market that represent their main business in a few years has scared not just the two contenders.