Panasonic WT600 here is the first 4K TV with HDMI 2.0 (update)

Panasonic WT600 here is the first 4K TV with HDMI 2.0 (update)

Panasonic launches at IFA Berlin the first Ultra HD TV with HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort in the world is the Smart Viera 65 “WT600.

Panasonic is one of the new players in the world Ultra HD: IFA presents the new Smart Viera L65WT600 in fact, the first TV in the world with Ultra HD 4K 50/60Hz input based on DisplayPort 2.0 and HDMI 1.2a.

The WT600 is the 4K version (and no 3D) model WT60, with whom he also shares the TV design Glass & Metal: very thin bezel, IPS LED LCD panel and backlight scanning up to 2000 Hz with back light scanning. The improvements, however, are not limited only to the panel: Panasonic has redesigned the browser to take full advantage of the screen resolution and, more importantly, h a 4K integrated media player that works with both photos and videos though it is only in the format H.264: USB and SD memory cards will be able to view the contents Ultra HD. For HEVC we will have to wait longer.

Panasonic WT600 here is the first 4K TV with HDMI 2.0 (update) 2

Side “image” Panasonic claims the ISF and THX certification, even though we know how little importance they then these features in practice, it is interesting, however, the presence of the new hexacore processor with 4K upscaling and the new system with Local Dimming Pro Area Range Control, a sort of implementation of the Panasonic microdimming.

Players can finally appreciate a low-latency mode to connect the computer via DisplayPort play in 4K is a true spectacle. The other features are modeled more or less those of Panasonic’s top of the range TV, Smart Viera platform to double tuner for recording.

The Panasonic TX-L65WT600 will be available at the price of € 7000