Panasonic TX-L47ET5 Review – HDTV Review

Panasonic TX-L47ET5 Review – HDTV Review

Panasonic has an excellent reputation in the world of TV, gained fame with the excellent plasma for years that give joy to fans in the “black” post-kuro. It is not a mystery that the last bored Panasonic has also wanted to focus on the range LCD LED: on the one hand with the WT models of high-end, excellent design and 3D active with a number of other midrange models some of which have Screen polarized 3D, the 3D like it for its simplicity.

And it is one of those TVs that we wanted to try quickly, the TX-L47ET5, an honest mid-range TV with full HD 3D IPS screen, Smart Viera, converting 2D and 3D multimedia functions complete.

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That we are not dealing with a top of the range we see it now: the lines are very simple and lacks the front glass edge to edge on this instead WT50. Even the base is different, more simple and traditional. Simple, however, does not mean just refined: the choice of construction materials is good as well as the finishes seem a high level.

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There are two main features: the color of the frame tending to charcoal gray and transparent small edge that streamlines the TV. Panasonic chose a glossy finish to the screen quite reflective which also works as a filter to enhance the contrast, and you have to really pay attention to where you place it, because bright lights behind could give some unpleasant problem of reflections.

The size of the TV are average: the frame, as well as the TV itself, are thick about 3/4 cm, standard size for a TV in this category.

The remote control unit is the classic Panasonic: no backlight and the same arrangement of keys that accompanies us for a few years. Nothing special to report in just a few minutes to an immediate feeling.

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With the economy of scale manufacturers now realize one and the same main board which then adapt according to the needs.  This is a big advantage for mid-range TV: in terms of the connections have nothing to envy to the TV higher price. ET5 The rear panel has a very complete: 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports are provided more than ample for every need, because your TV supports external input devices such as keyboards and even HD camcorders (for skype).

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There are of course the wall outlet, but the wireless adapter built outside and a useful SDXC card slot to view photos and videos directly from a camera or camcorder.

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Also notable is the multimedia section: The TV has a DLNA client that works both as a player and as a renderer to send content from your smartphone or tablet. Compatibility is guaranteed with all the most popular audio formats, and in spite of the interface a bit Spartan is quick and easy indexing of content is key on that server.

Fair section Viera Connect: many applications but only few of them really useful, such as Skype, however, we find, the browser and the Rovi Media Guide. The games, which with the support of external controllers had to be one of the strong points are at the end of the classic Gameloft games a bit dated.

Simple screen interface: the user has only the essential adjustments for all parameters.  Just as well, since the group of users to which this TV is addressed.

No one expects this ET5 can offer better performance than the Panasonic plasma, but surely everyone is waiting for the answer to the obvious question: “can gamble with this TV LG TV?”.  Who wants to date a LED TV with polarized 3D system in fact does not have a lot of choices: in the first place then LG Panasonic, Toshiba and Philips.  This Panasonic can be considered a close relative of the LG TV, being based on an IPS panel produced by the same LG.

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The simplicity of the menu does not leave a lot of choice: even in advanced mode the possible options for adjusting the images are not many. The choice falls on the two main setup Cinema and True Cinema, very similar to each other: we have chosen as a True Cinema starting point, but we worked a little. Surely the ET5 is a flat striking: Panasonic has indeed given also to the cinema mode brilliance and color saturation that seems to attract those who made ​​it past the shopping center. The images are vivid, bright and with a very good sharpness, and this is where we go to work: via a bit of saturation. brightness a bit lower and some adjustment to achieve the sharpness achieve a more balanced and natural.

The IPS panel provides good overall performance on the nuances of color, but it falls on two points: the first is the viewing angle and the second is black. The viewing angle has always been one of the strengths of this technology this time is affected by the presence of polarized 3D front filter that reduces the visibility angles accentuated. Moving to the side decreases the brightness, the contrast decreases and the vision is not as satisfying as with a traditional TV IPS.

The black point is the other “hot”: the TV shows a very good control over the black when the lights are on and the room is bright, but if you only try to darken the entire room black after a few seconds of eye adaptation we begin to see it as dark gray. You can activate the eco mode, the situation improves a bit but the image loses shine. In scenes that are overly dark also gets a little ‘hard to recall details about the low lights : forget to see the scenes of Avatar with the same details that can solve a plasma Viera.

Overall, however, the yield is more than good for a mid-range TV: good processor, panel clean and free of spurious or clouding and a very good control of shades and panning. What is certain is that we are not faced with a LED TV that can satisfy a maniac image (and Black).

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The 3D rendering does not offer many talking points: the image has good depth, the crosstalk is virtually non-existent and of course you feel some fatigue of vision, even after a whole movie. Compared to the 3D TV Cinema LG has a slightly higher perception of scan lines, probably for the algorithm of management frames. Nothing, however, particularly serious: the vision is still good.

Where ET5 defends really well is the speed: very few trails and an input lag of less than 30 ms make a very good solution to play.