Panasonic plasma killed by 4K

Panasonic plasma killed by 4K

Behind the abandonment of plasma there is not only the crisis of TV division, but also the inability to produce plasma panels in 4K at low cost.

The plasma, so beloved by fans, were killed by the technology that many fans believe at the time useless and superfluous: the Ultra HD. According to an executive of Panasonic , and not surprisingly, the choice of abandoning the technology and block the range of plasma for 2014 is mainly due to two factors, resolution and power consumption.

The next year all the high-end TV panel will have 4K, and Panasonic would be impossible to achieve a plasma with 4K cuts “domestic” without large investments. In fact, Panasonic has never worked on reducing the size of the pixels: the TV smaller cut ever made ​​with full HD resolution are 42 “, and this means that without cutting the glass you can make a TV Ultra HD 84″ , still too big.

Another delicate consumption: current plasma fall in terms of energy regulation promoted by Europe and America, but any 4K TV would raise and not just consumption, making him “outlaw.”