Panasonic plasma just in 2014. And this time it seems true

Panasonic plasma just in 2014. And this time it seems true

We have heard it many times, but this time the news seems certain and sure: Panasonic will end production of plasma TV in 2014. This was reported by Reuter ‘s, citing company sources who remain anonymous for now, as is also the Japanese business daily Nikkei: in March 2014, Panasonic will block the production, a blow for fans of technology “anti-LEDs” that still would kill to move into an old house Kuro, dated but still a symbol of undisputed quality and perfect black.

Panasonic has held up until the last moment the production of plasma TV, but now the situation seems untenable with non-existent margins and losses that accumulate year on year: President Kazuhiro Tsuga seems to have so decided to pull the plug for good. A decision certainly painful for the same Panasonic plasma as well who wants one of his children, but now needed to cover losses of the TV division, which amounted to about a billion dollars a year.

According to sources the production lines will be converted and engineers responsible for the development of the plasma will be dedicated to other projects and will be relocated, probably to the division OLED. On the latter that Panasonic pushes more: a big announcement seems imminent Panasonic relating to OLED,and a few months there could be a surprise that will soon forget the plasma: made ​​with OLED technology in printing costs more affordable, capable of quality of a plasma but with the benefits of the LED. And what we all expect.