Microsoft launches the keyboard for Smart TV

Microsoft launches the keyboard for Smart TV

The new keyboard All in one Media Keyboard is dedicated to the world of smart TV to make it simple and straightforward web browsing and apps. It’s also compatible Xbox One.

Use the most interesting features of Smart TV with the remote control is also undertaking that would take away the desire to user intent better . So Microsoft has decided to launch a new keyboard designed especially for this use. The All -in-one Media Keyboard ( € 42 ) is a model with wireless usb receiver that integrates a pad and some functions dedicated to web browsing and app on the big screen . Alternatively, you can also use with a notebook or a tablet (currently only Windows 7, and 8) or even in combination with the Xbox One. With the pad is allowed to use all the gestures that we used to do with your fingers on the touch screen smartphones and tablets , such as scrolling and magnification , while others are dedicated keys to frequently used functions with Internet Explorer or the Bing search engine . Some keys are also customizable in order to have quick access to frequently used functions.

keyboard for Smart TV 2

The keyboard is very lightweight and compact , easy to use even without leaning on a desk and ready to withstand the bumps , drops and invasions of water and soft drinks .

In terms of compatibility with different brands of televisions at the moment we can not say much . Aside from the TV LG used for demonstration , it is not clear even to Microsoft what are the compatible models , several tests are in progress and will be disseminated as soon as the brands with which the keyboard is usable.  Credit