“Metz” Tradition and quality for the new TV

“Metz” Tradition and quality for the new TV

“Metz” Tradition and quality for the new TV

The strength of the “Made in Germany” is the basic ingredient of the whole new range of televisions “Metz”. Common denominator , high levels of build quality , sound and video

On the occasion of the World Cup 2014, the German Metz has expanded its range with a series of models are very sophisticated in terms of technology of sound and image . Entirely manufactured in Germany , in the historic company founded in 1938 and still led by Mrs Helena Metz , new TV, LED-backlit , are characterized by a new design, new technology and new menu interface.

In addition to Primus , which already exists in the range and for the occasion has been renovated and improved further , there’s also some new models that enrich and complement the respective lines of belonging and that are available in stores starting May 6.

Metz TV 2

Primus , the “first” class

Stands for the excellence of sound the new Primus Media twin R- 55 , top of the range German house, now renovated : it is characterized by an optional sound system with wooden case , made ​​of 6 active speakers with integrated sub ​​and center, from install on the lower side of the TV. The sound quality offered by the sound module is indisputable, much better quality than normally offered by a TV : Even in a space much larger than that of a medium-sized living room , listening is really nice.

As regards the rest , the picture quality is improved by the double anti-glare screen , and is implemented 200Hz DMC technology for improving the fluidity in the rendering of the movements. There are of course all those features that make this product the best of the full range of Metz, the recorder integrated well with the 1 TB dual tuner that lets you record a program while another sees , recording on external USB also and numerous networking features offered by Metz Media system, the proprietary system for content management and from the network

The retail price of the TV is € 4,199 , while the additional sound module costs 400 Euros .

Metz TV 3

Super – customization with the new menu Tri-Star

The same standards of quality in terms of image are reserved to the new Solea Media R , LED TV that is placed on a belt a little less high than the Primus , but it offers features and functionality excellent, for sale to the public at € 1,999 : a 55 ” integrated digital recorder with 500 GB , USB recording , single tuner but , above all, a nice menu designed for maximum customization ; There is even a feature that allows you to create a sort of numbered keypad where each number corresponds to the ten most frequently used functions , a bit as happens with the numbers called in mobile phones. This of course also to the advantage of ease of use more thrust.

Good quality / price ratio

Metz TV 4

The other two new models presented in preview offer the best quality / price ratio of home Metz in line Clarea Media reaches 47 ” ( 1,499 € , Ed) that promises excellent video quality , 3D technology and the Metz Media System , as well the optional digital recorder .

Metz TV 5

Very good quality / price ratio for the new 42 ” line Pureo which EUR 999 offers all the best of TV Clarea except 3D and PVR.  Credit : dday.it