LG Will Adopt Qualcomm AllJoyn for Its Smart TV

LG Will Adopt Qualcomm AllJoyn for Its Smart TV

LG Electronics has announced that its Smart TV will incorporate AllJoyn in 2014 and this announcement is rich in implications. To understand in full must say a few words about this standard , which Qualcomm has become the promoter.

The largest manufacturer of integrated systems and SOC ( System On a Chip ) is proposed to bring it to a new level that Internet of Everything promises to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the coming years. AllJoyn you want to create, in the Internet of Things, the Internet of Things Near You, or the giving household objects with no apparent possibility of dialogue the ability to “talk “.

AllJoyn is an open source protocol that is designed to connect devices of any kind and regardless of their brands and operating systems with which they are equipped. Various devices will be able to create ad-hoc networks, with the “how” are connected (Wi- Fi, Ethernet , Powerline , etc. ) that will be indifferent.

LG Will Adopt Qualcomm AllJoyn for Its Smart TV 2

The interoperability of AllJoyn can connect with each other components also much less “intelligent” than a computer or a tablet, such as small appliances, with multiple smart devices able to help those less advanced in this regard.

AllJoyn is designed to communicate to devices with easy accessibility and interoperability in the cloud or with short-range links ; these characteristics will manifest through various device types, operating systems and hardware. The devices operate with little -performing imply a minimum commitment in terms of computing power and memory while the open source distribution contain costs.

With these premises, we understand well the interest of LG’s AllJoyn system : through it will be possible to connect any device to the TV without having to worry about the brand and the operating system which is fitted : smartphone or tablet , Android , iOS or Windows Phone. You will also be able to freely interact with all apps in the various devices, overcoming the barriers of brands and operating systems.

LG Will Adopt Qualcomm AllJoyn for Its Smart TV 3

Each device can then communicate with the Smart TV from LG and one of the possible – and more fun – to use the solution relates to video games. A resident game on a smartphone, for example, can be viewed on the Smart TV, or even a multiplayer session each participant will be able to use their smartphone or tablet as a gamepad, since AllJoyn allows the simultaneous use of multiple devices.

The upgradable structure of Smart TV from LG will also allow devices placed on the market in 2013 and 2012 to implement this feature with a firmware update while the production of 2014 will be the standard.

LG says you excited about this news that will offer not only a freedom unthinkable to its customers but open to the developer community and great opportunities.  Credit : digitalvideomagazine.it