LG 47LA740S Review : the test of the new LG Smart TV

LG 47LA740S Review : the test of the new LG Smart TV

With a great value for money 47 “LA740S is a candidate for a place to best buy of the season flashy design, supplied full-featured, integrated Plex and Miracast. Here is the full test.

Last year, the models of the 600 and 700 series have made the fortune of LG resulting in absolutely one of the best sellers in their class. That’s why, before starting with the new top of the range or the 860 model, we chose the 47LA740S for the first test of LG 2013: With its white body, its look nice and definitely complete functions,the candidate is to be The model chosen for this year.

Even LG, like other manufacturers, we do not reserve many surprises from the technological point of view.The New range is a simple restyling, with some additions compared to the previous generation: smoother finish and cured some smart features in most, but you certainly can not speak a strong “generation gap.” Not a fault of LG, but the general trend of a market that already has been squeezed to the maximum. 47LA740S And this proves it: practically all the functions of the top models of last year, and compared to the series 960 and 860 is only devoid of the camera and DVB-T2, but for the rest to us. Then we find the polarized 3D, DLNA, Smart TV, Miracast for the transmission of data from the tablet and video sharing to share what they see on TV even on your smartphone via Wi-Fi. All at a price of 1,349 Euros, even if with promotions in force at this time you get to just over 1000 €.

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Design, continues the trend “borderless”

According to LG, susitare interest for a TV to be particularly flashy, LA740, and this does not seem a mid-range model. LG has taken care of all the details, although the differences with last year’s models are not so marked. There is a new base, a new profile with the logo at the bottom but the panel, as well as the frame, remain the same as last year.

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A couple of considerations must be made: the base is slightly more elegant than last year and can also be directed through a series of microrotelle inserted at the base, however, LG has chosen plastic materialinstead of the more solid (and expensive) aluminum.

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The second consideration is the screen: to give off the impression of being totally without border, but as for the models of 6:07 last year, there is a small edge.
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If you really want to choose a TV without a frame you have to go on the top series.

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Hard to tell others of this TV, at least in terms of design: white finish with so little frame is practically invisible, and you only notice if you look at the B-side of the TV or the power cord.

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Unique graphic on the front of the logo is backlit, as in other cases can be handled by the menu.

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The traditional remote control disappears

LG has made ​​a brave choice: eliminate the traditional remote control. 47LA740S is given with the supplied exclusively the Magic Motion Remote, a choice that at first glance might seem risky. In fact a few minutes to get used to, and must therefore be said that LG has made ​​probably the only real remote control capable of replacing, for simplicity and immediacy, the traditional one. At your fingertips are the fundamental keys from changing the channel to the volume, to get to 3D and selector for the menu, however in many cases it is also convenient to use the scroll wheel and the movement of the wrist to place in an instant the arrow where it is needed..

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On the remote control is also a microphone for research, but as we’ll see these features, despite the recognition of the language, are not so evolved. The only real shortcoming that we hear is that of a direct key for the selection of sources: you could sacrifice without problems the 3D button, which in times like these is likely to make the cobwebs.

There are doubts, however: between smartphone applications, like remote control and touch, LG offers what is to date the only possible alternative to the conventional remote control.

Connections, HDMI and USB are enough

Nothing special to report regarding the department connections: three HDMI and three USB is now the standard, and in addition to the wall outlet does not need another. Obviously LG has added to the DVB-T and DVB-S2 but chose, unfortunately , to use a single tuner in place of a more versatile dual tuner. A choice aligned with the competition in this price range, but in reality it does not use the dual tuner LG even on the higher series.

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There is compatibility TivuSat, Gold certification and the network connection Wi-Fi capability for connecting with smartphones and tablets. Also on the back, on the right then find the subwoofer membrane system for the integrated 2.1 (low quality) and the power socket recessed for flush mounting.

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Unfortunately for installation close to the wall you should consider outlets: LG has used the flat side to insert some connections, including the ethernet network, which could hinder installation “in context.”
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Smart TV and multimedia, few changes

LG does not upset his section Smart TV and does it well: the company, in fact, has already found the perfect balance that can satisfy the needs of all. Who believes that the Smart TV is a useless feature can personalize their homepage bringing to the fore the features that are most popular, such as the Network Media Player and USB, and the section of the most popular sources. Those who make use of the app will be able to create custom cards of choice, edit the Quick Launch menu and move the apps you use most. The much faster processor and remote control allow you to move with ease in an environment that seems even more slender than last year: the applications are faster and the interface is much faster. The other good news is compatibility with all the applications already left for Smart TV: if someone is fond of some app, definitely will find it on the new model. Well done the browser, with ability to display a popup with the TV while you surf, and also good assortment of premium applications, where in addition to Fox app (exclusive), we find the classicChili, Cubovision, Cubomusica, Facebook, Youtube and Deezer.

LG has also integrated an assistant for speech recognition, although compared to Samsung’s voice is only used to give commands to the TV to search through the content. The microphone is in the remote control and the recognition system works well enough, but its uses are very limited. Much good the PVR recording, albeit limited by the single tuner and the inability to share recorded content on the network. Last but not least the Media Player / DLNA compatible with all popular formats, it is also very fast indexing of directories with many files and also integrates the client to connect to Plex Plex Media Server. you can find a short video of the user interface in youtube.

Finally, the menus remain unchanged relative to the configuration of the TV, but it was really difficult to add new functions. Fans who want to find the perfect calibration has all of the options to do so, and all filters are adjustable and can be deactivated at will.

TV and Smartphone union to improve

The new range of LG TV may be controlled by smartphone through LG TV Remote application downloaded from Apple App Store or from the Play Store, an application that offers something more than the simple management of the TV. Indeed works as a remote control touch, as launcher for applications such as Remote and TV, which offers the ability to view on your smartphone that is transmitted from the TV. The coupling is very easy: the application finds the TV on the same network and it asks you to enter a PIN code for pairing. For the pairing, you can still use an NFC tag sticker also included: the TAG leans smartphone NFC tags and does everything to him.

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The TV is compatible WiDi and then Miracast: it is therefore possible to mirror both tablet / smartphone from your Windows computer with Intel graphics card compatible. Unfortunately the application is not very stable and many icons are low resolution. There is not even a version compatible with the screen of the iPhone 5: This is an aspect that LG should heal more.

Good quality, excels TV

For the LA740 series, LG has opted for an IPS panel LED Edge lit on two sides: the suspicion is that it is a panel virtually identical to that used last year, with some minor improvements with regard to the uniformity of light and the reactivity. The front filter, which also works as a film for 3D polarization eliminates some reflection but does not do miracles: be careful how you position the TV.

When you turn on the TV for the first time, the image that is being played is as far removed from the ideal exists: Fired colors, very sharp edge enhancement, backlight at the highest levels of image filters and in abundance. A true presets “demo” done to amaze anyone who is easily impressed by the vibrant images. Fortunately, as with all LG TV there is the ISF mode that brings us back to our world of convincing blacks, colors much more faithful to the actual lighting and well-dosed, although we must admit that even the preset “cinema” is not bad at pact adjust brightness and contrast depending on the ambient light.

After a few hours spent in viewing Blu-ray, HD clips and television signal we can say that this LA740 behaves pretty much like the 860 model last year, excellent color rendition, black convincing as long as you adjust well and backlight options energy savings and a panel reactive enough with contrails greatly reduced.did not disappear altogether Edge LED lighting issues: in a totally darkened the panel shows any signs of distress, a slight lack of uniformity in the lower left and a little cloud. The situation, as in all cases, changes from specimen to specimen, in our was good but probably are examples of the same TV with better uniformity (as there could be worse.) However, we are confident that the LG TV that there provided had not been selected in advance and “calibrated” to the evidence of the magazines, so his behavior should be similar to that of the majority of models sold.

The 47LA740 is not the TV for pure performance, it is a product made ​​for watching TV and television broadcasts. Utilising a Blu-ray and other reference clip does not show the same black of a Samsung or a Sony W900 F8000 ( Panasonic plasma do not even scomodiamo) but with normal television broadcasts, even of modest quality, highlights an image soft, balanced and incredibly enjoyable. LG has improved a lot with its scaler filtering for noisy and low quality, and paradoxically with the television signal (which does not excel) this TV is able to give one of the best results ever seen, attenuating noise without making the image too soft and scaling the signal to standard definition with no jagged edges and glaring problems.

Good as always made ​​with 3D signals, although now 3D has become one of the many features of the TV and its use is really limited to single occasions. With 3D cinema, however, LG has dimostratodi be able to offer a product of good quality, low price, and especially suitable for everyone. Provided, in addition to glasses “standard” lenses are offered identical with those for the dual play features that perhaps in some cases it is even more useful than the 3D itself.

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Regarding the Input Lag, the lowest value we obtained using the ISF mode with filters off: approximately 30 ms, a value is not very low but that, however, allows to handle the TV to better balancing range, contrast and brightness. The game mode does not improve the situation much and has made ​​a much more vibrant and unnatural.  Credit : dday.it