LG 47 “LA860 Review, Complete Testing of The New Top of The Range

LG 47 “LA860 Review, Complete Testing of The New Top of The Range

LG improves its flagship model by slightly modifying the design and improving the video processor.We tried the new 47LA860, an interesting upgrade to last year’s model.

The 860 series of LG was probably one of those high-end best-selling last year: in 2012, LG has made ​​a big step forward in terms of design , especially in the midrange, and this year you want to reconfirm proposing the market as the only true rival Samsung. The new LA860, we are going to try to cut the 47 “TV is not a” new ” could be defined, as they like to do in the field of photography, a version of the Mark II , revised and corrected. fact Change the base changes (but neither too), the Smart TV platform and will add the functions and characteristics that serve more businesses and consumers, such as the built-in camera. The TV is not top of the line LG, but still represents one of the two models in the range LED and differs from the version LA960, which has yet to arrive on the market for lighting Edge LED Local Dimming. Among the features are the flagship dual-core processor, the remote Magic Motion Remote , the classic 3D polarized and a section full of Miracast Smart Share and WiDi.

LG 47 inches LA860 review 2

Borderless design, space-based

LG follows the design lines dictated by the market in recent years: frame thin, almost invisible, and a base that goes some way to restore a “design” to a TV that would otherwise be alone panel. Compared to the 2012 model, the new LA860 reduces even more the frame : at the bottom, instead of the aluminum frame that runs along the entire screen, there is only a small protuberance chrome that leaves space for the logo.

LG 47 inches LA860 review 3

A choice that reflects that of the Samsung ES8000 much of last year , and also the base of the front sight exactly, makes the LG TV is very similar to the competitor. An optical effect, however, because the base is different, a sort of loop that winds leaning on the floor and holding the TV from the edges rather than the center.

LG 47 inches LA860 review 4

The base, which LG calls “magic stand,” wheel of ten degrees allowing you to direct the TV. Unfortunately, the base is made of plastic, a real shame for a product of value anyway. The finish of the base unit to the wheels that allow movement, gives us a feeling of little stability, even if the TV is light and is hidden under the base metal core anyway.

LG 47 inches LA860 review 5

LG as always uses a panel that looks absolutely off without a frame , but once turned on, a small little frame of 5 mm. Nothing new was happening even before the model year and we suspect that the panel is exactly the same, a good IPS with front filter polarized. The screen, as well as many other TV and glossy finish, it is not entirely free from glare and fingerprints, although much depends on the position of the overhead lights.

LG 47 inches LA860 review 6

LG has created a TV thin enough, even if the race to the thickness of the TV has stopped: about 5 inches thick, enough to fit on the back of a large woofer that together with two small speakers is a discrete 2.1 system. Did not yield a separate system, but at least it’s decent.

LG 47 inches LA860 review 7

Remote control “magical”

Included with the LA860 find a single remote control Magic Remote . The choice of LG could discourage those who, after so many years, has become accustomed to the traditional remote control, but only under duress you may realize that the Magic Motion Remote is a good alternative. gyroscope works well , allows you to surf the interface in a natural way although of course there are plenty of classics keys to navigate the menus, raise or lower the volume, and quickly change the channel.

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Compared to the version that comes with the mid-range models, the Magic Remote dell 860 is chrome, more ergonomic and easier to use. precisely If you are unable to use it there are two solutions: either the application for smartphones, but is not advisable, or the classic Universal Meliconi.

There Miracast, but because only one tuner?

In terms of connectivity, the novelty of 2013 is called Miracast: LG last year already offered via WiDi wireless HD connectivity , this year also added the link to the Android device via Wi-Fi Direct. Miracast The connection is facilitated also by NFC stickers in the box: just place your smartphone to start the automatic configuration.

LG 47 inches LA860 review 9

Miracast, although now everyone will know it, you need to send in a “mirror” the screen of a tablet or an Android smartphone on a TV.  Another novelty in terms of connections is USB 3.0 , a USB port is compatible with the high-speed connection, which is useful if you want to connect a hard drive with movies. The internal media player is compatible with most known formats, missing of course HEVC and also lacks support for file system ex-Fat : those who want to keep MKV movies with size greater than 4GB permitted by the FAT32 necessarily have to choose NTFS .

Rounding out the allocation of connections four HDMI ports, a network port, a slot CI + and DVB-T2 and DVB-S2. Unfortunately, the LG TV has a single tuner and is not possible with the PVR function to record one program while watching another.

LG 47 inches LA860 review 10

Smart TV, more content, more speed

LG continues to update and improve its Smart TV platform. the new version we have already spoken in the trial of the new LA740S, and we would recommend that you also read the proof of that model because we are faced with the same situation. use of a dual core processor makes it faster and smoother interface, the opening of the app is almost immediate , and with the upgrade to version 4.0 have been fixed a little bug and optimized many processes. The main difference is the presence of the camera pop-up at the top, which works well even in the dark and allows voice control and gesture as well as the call with Skype.

LG 47 inches LA860 review 11

The interface of LG is well done , but as always really useful applications are limited to the classic apps for video on demand and streaming video.

Great TV, but need more black

LG LA860 has considerable merit: unable to handle the broadcast signal, especially the Italian one that does not excel in quality, flawlessly. LG in a few years has managed to transform a scaler modest in a great scaler, capable not only of the scalar image without excessive aliasing but also to mask the noise by creating a nice picture and not too soft. default mode of the TV is as always the furthest thing from a perfect calibration: Fired colors, sharpness too much and too many digital filters inserted but just move to the first ISF profiles to find a balance more than good.

After a few tweaks related to brightness, contrast and backlight we can start with the classic reference clip from the Blu-ray disc, and the TV immediately shows an image very pleasant. yield, at least in memory, it is very similar to the 740s tried a few month ago, the dual core processor probably has some benefit regarding scaling and processing of the image , but on a full HD signal is not pure much. The TV highlights such a great detail, good sharpness of the image and a smooth panning on without contrails particularly visible (but present on the scene a few fast).

LG 47 inches LA860 review 12

Two weaknesses: on the one hand the yield of some nuances not flawless, especially in shades of gray and blue, and a black level that is not at the level of the best top of the range Sony. The panel is clean enough, very little banding and clouding little, but the black background seems a bit high. The panel polarizer also increases the perceived brightness depending on the angle of vision, and only positioning itself right in front of you is able to have the best black level possible. With a little calibration and especially the energy saving by adjusting the position is adjusted a bit, but there is no magic formula to be able to get from this TV on black a Sony W905.

Excellent performance of the processor with sports and situations very lively : the artifacts of motion and motion compensation are minimized and a full-screen game manages to be crisp, enjoyable and free of contrails. The TV, as well as models of the past years, has a gaming mode and selecting the input lag is about 20 milliseconds.yield on game mode, however, is not perfect, rather chilly shade and an excess of noise leave us prefer the mode “classical”, but in this case the input lag is not very low, ranges from 30 ms to 50 ms depending on the filters that activate.

The yield in 3D finish is excellent as always: good conversion system, excellent with native 3D and not at all tiring. The front filter seems then improved slightly compared to last year: in Dual Play mode, the TV still has less crosstalk. Credit : dday.it

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