Infinity also on Samsung TV Series H. It was time

Infinity also on Samsung TV Series H. It was time

After several months since the launch of the new series of TV finally comes to applying for Infinity TV Series H. Now is missing Sky Online

Samsung updates its Smart TV applications for streaming video from today there will be a new version of the app, more stable and hopefully faster to Infinity and Sky TV Online dedicated to ES and F series in recent years. The biggest news, however, concerns the arrival finally the application of Infinity for all TV Series H, or those this year. Paradoxically, Samsung had released the app for older models instead of the current series.

All TV Series H will be able to download the app with the new update, but it is well to remember that the call is still missing Sky TV Online for new and do not know when it will arrive, hopefully soon. Samsung shows, however, the company more vigilant and active in terms of applications for the TV, in a landscape, that of the smart TV, more and more bleak.  Credit :