Gran class and cost 20,000 Euros for the TV 85 ” 4K B & O

Gran class and cost 20,000 Euros for the TV 85 ” 4K B & O

Bang & Olufsen announces the immediate availability of BeoVision Avant 85, a giant 85 ” panel with 4K and design aesthetics. As the price: it costs just € 19,995.

Bang & Olufsen, the historic brand hi-end, he decided to make things really great and to flank the TV BeoVision Avant 55 also the immense version from 85 ” (BeoVision Avant 85), obviously dedicated to a wealthy audience that wants to a product of the highest order.

That’s why in the press presentation, much emphasis is given to the design of the unit, the company’s flagship: the concept is to minimize the overall dimensions to create a product with dual positioning option on motorized stand or bracket, so as to fully integrate the product into the environment or leave it “to himself” exalting forms. In addition, the motorized floor stand allows the TV to move up to 90 degrees from the wall, so as to position itself frontally to the viewer.

Gran class and cost 20,000 Euros for the TV 85 '' 4K B & O -2

At the technological level, BeoVision Avant 85 is a TV Ultra HD (4k) type Full LED backlighting with 2D dimming technology and optimization of image VisionClear with Automatic Picture Control for adaptation to the characteristics of video on the lighting conditions of the room.

Much emphasis is given to audio, for which there is a three-channel integrated module with 8 amplifiers, one for each driver (3 x 60 watts for the highs, 3 x 60 watts for the midrange, 2 x 60 watts for the bass); You can also extend the TV audio up to 7.1 surround sound even wirelessly, thanks to the technology included in the Immaculate Wireless Sound TV. Availability is immediate and exclusive sales points B & O: The recommended retail price is 19,995 Euros, inclusive of BeoRemote One.  Credit :