“Discover true details,” Samsung unveils details in UHD

“Discover true details,” Samsung unveils details in UHD

One particular can explain a lot, even the whole: Samsung started to organize from here, last weekend, a weekend that combines video-photographic images with the new TV UHD.

In this way, an identifying mark, a tattoo, a special in which to recognize became ila story of a person that Samsung said in Ultra High Definition showing on a big screen in Piazza Duomo in Milan and the new F9000 UHD TV in the window of the store Mondadori .

During the 13, 14 and 15 December, a photographer Samsung has invited passers-by to be taking a photo of a detail that characterizes them, the detail that was then personalized with the name of who owns it.

Shooting, with name, was then displayed on the big screen is placed on the facade of the Cathedral is on the screen of the new UHD TV Samsung F9000 exhibited in the windows of the Mondadori store.

The initiative “Discover true details” showed, in a new way and the purpose of sharing, the sharpness of the Samsung TV that highlights the possibilities of the new Ultra High Definition technology in terms of image quality and sharpness detail. Credit : digitalvideomagazine.it