CEA: new specifications Ultra HD TV

CEA: new specifications Ultra HD TV

“The Consumer Electronics Association has updated the features which the new Ultra HD TV will have to be able to boast of the new logo, which is currently in preparation”

The CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), the association between the industrial sector of consumer electronics in the United States of America, has released new guidelines for the Ultra HD TV, updating those ramified in October 2012. Respect of these new features will not be compulsory: membership will be on a voluntary basis, starting in September 2014. CEA is also developing an official logo for the Ultra HD, along with its partners. Obviously the use of the logo will necessarily require compliance with the new guidelines. The updated requirements were divided into two distinct branches: one for the TV and a specification for streaming to Ultra HD resolution.

The specifications for the TV are as follows:

– Resolution: at least 8 million pixels, corresponding to a minimum of 3840 pixels and 2160 vertical orizzonali
– Ratio of 16:9 or more panoramic
– Upscaling: ability to ensure the upscaling of content in Ultra HD resolution – Digital inputs: must be at least one of the HDMI version 2.0, with support for signals with 3840 x 2160 pixels at 24p, 30p and 60p; must also be present on at least one input, support HDCP 2.2
– Colorimetry: 2160p signals must be displayed according to the ITU-R BT.709, BT.2020 gamut with that extended only as an option
– Color depth: at least 8-bit

Regarding streaming (considered essential, since among the few sources to 4K resolution native), the required characteristics are the following:

– Ultra High Definition Requirements: all that we have listed on the display
– Video Codec: support streaming HEVC with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels; can be extended to support other formats
– Audio Codec: support and reproduction, either direct or through the audio output, I formed the multi-channel
– Connectivity: must be present on Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or other appropriate connections for streaming
– Applications: content must be conveyed through applications or services through a platform chosen by the manufacturer

CEA would also like to clarify the terms used: basically are accepted all those that refer to Ultra HD, such as High-Definition Ultra, Ultra HD or UHD. It is also considered acceptable definitions that add additional terms, such as 4K Ultra High-Definition TV. In our opinion, the terms are still too many and too complex, but it would definitely be a step forward at least avoid confusion with 4K, too often misused when it comes to TV.  Source : avmagazine.it