Buying Guide for LCD TVs

Buying Guide for LCD TVs

What is an LCD?

Buying Guide for LCD TVs 1LCD is the most common format for flat screen televisions. It was once the plasma technology to be synonymous with flat-screen LCD TVs but now dominate the category. An LCD television of this type is formed by an LCD panel and a lamp for backlighting. An electric field causes movement of the liquid crystal in the LCD TV, which block or let in the light, giving rise to the images on the screen. Since the pixels simply allow the passage of light and not the issue, the screen size of LCD TV can be increased or decreased without affecting the complexity of manufacture.Although it is not always the case, an LCD TV can be incredibly thin and light with a few millimeters deep. Super thin LCD TVs are ideal to be fixed to the wall of the living room. All LCD TVs use the same basic components for the screen, but the technology that accompanies them can be just as important. An LCD TV 200 Hz Intelligent Frame Creation technology with local dimming and can have a major impact on visual experience, so it is essential not to rely only on the purchase price and size.

… and an LED?

Often you hear of LED TV, but in reality do not exist, or rather, it is simply LCD TVs that use LED backlighting .Traditionally, LCD screens were equipped with cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL), more recently, however, the manufacturers prefer the LED (light emitting diodes). There are several advantages when using LED for LCD TVs. First LCD TVs can become very flat and are therefore ideal to be fixed to the wall. In addition, an LED consumes much less energy.More importantly, the LEDs can significantly increase the image quality of LCD TVs. If you are looking for the thinnest LCD TV and light as possible, you rely on a model with LED edge lighting, where the light source is placed on the edges of the screen, eliminating a layer of hardware to make the thinnest LCD TV. However, for a better picture quality on LCD TV, you need to prefer an LCD TV Full-LED with local dimming. This expression means that the panel backlight on the LCD TV is turned on and off in areas, allowing better contrast and more vibrant colors.


There are essentially two standards for high definition televisions in LCD HD Ready and Full HD. LCD TVs with technology HD Ready are capable of reproducing a 720p or 1080i, while the Full HD LCD TVs can reach up to 1080p, which means that there are 1080 lines of data that are transmitted and displayed progressively or simultaneously on the LCD television. A Full HD LCD TV will then have a resolution of 1900×1080. The good news is that the majority of LCD TVs available today are Full HD. Televisions HD Ready LCD still exist, but it is low-cost models with small screens. Certainly an HD TV requires an HD device suitable for signal reception. If you do not want to invest on a Sky HD decoder type, you should tailor an LCD TV with integrated HD decoder, which makes it possible to watch high definition content without connecting other devices to the TV screen. Of course to make the most of high definition on LCD TVs, you must have a Blu Ray player, you get to view movies on the LCD screen with a resolution of 1080p.


Buying Guide for LCD TVs 2Although many have already set up the living room for high definition, novelty imminent that you can not do without is the 3DTV. With three-dimensional movies coming out in theaters every week, it is no surprise that the producers want to recreate the show at home. If you want to stay abreast of new technologies, we must invest in a 3D TV Ready, which means choosing a model practically at the top of the range of manufacturers. So if you want to buy the Samsung 3D Ready TV, you’ll end up with a model LED High End The most important thing to remember when you buy a 3D TV is that every viewer will have to wear a pair of glasses compatible. Most 3D TVs already include one or two pairs in the box, but if your family is large, you have to spend a few glasses more. There is no problem of decoders at this time because there is no television broadcast in 3D, you have to subscribe to Sky HD or rather adopt a DiVX player.


If you buy an LCD TV with integrated HD decoder will be able to directly view high-definition content, but also in this case, the number of channels that broadcast HD programs is limited. If you want to get the most out of your LCD TV, you will need to buy some more accessories. If you are passionate about cinema, buy a Blu Ray player to your LCD TV. Ray Discs are the next generation of DVD, and provide a very clear picture with high definition quality, perfect to enhance the quality of the new LCD TV. If you want to take advantage of a greater choice of HD channels, you must subscribe to Sky choosing an HD settop box. The Sky service sends a large number of movies, entertainment, sport and documentaries in high definition crystal clear: it is ideal for LCD TVs. Gamers who want high definition, however, can choose between the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The latter work also DiVX player for your TV screen. Finally, the latest must-have for high definition cables are to be connected to the LCD TV. It is good to replace the old with the new HDMI SCART, perfect for LCD TVs.