Alarm Policy: LG Smart TV are spying on us

Alarm Policy: LG Smart TV are spying on us

The complaint comes from a programmer English: its Smart TV LG send to a server each data channels having the files on the USB stick.

LG as the NSA? The case erupted this morning, after a complaint from a user English developer who has analyzed the traffic on the network port of your LG Smart TV connected to the Internet . The result? The TV sends it to a set of servers all data related to what happens, channels seen by the choices you made, and what is even more shocking, even a list of the files stored on USB sticks that sell hooked to the TV . All this, to make things worse, not even an encoding, a clear communication between the client (the TV) and the server.

LG Smart TV are spying on us 2

Among the options menu of the LG there is a feature that allows you to choose whether to enable sending data, but it seems that even with sending data off the TV also continues to send the details of habits and choices made ​​to the home servers (or other agencies) . If you’ve used an LG TV, indeed, knows that when you first turn the LG obliging the consumer to subscribe to the conditions of use (if not, the TV can not be used), but we never did much attention to what are the conditions that LG asks us to approve.

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We obviously asked LG Italy explanations, and we were assured a quick response. Unfortunately we do not have at the time of drafting an LG TV for inspection, but soon we should be able to determine whether the case involves Italy. The LG Smart TV platforms in fact, even if they are unified, they are often different from country to country . It must be said that, despite the TV sends these data, it seems that the server should accept them at the time to respond with a “404”, then in fact there is no listening server that is storing the data.

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The question is delicate and thorny, and will not be easy to do once a comprehensive framework.

Update: here’s the official statement from LG, which follow other updates.

LG Statement:
“The privacy of our customers is a top priority for LG Electronics, so we take this issue very seriously. We are considering carefully the reports we have received about the possibility that some of the data on the use of Smart TV from LG has