A Dolby Atmos mania. The absurdity in the living room

A Dolby Atmos mania. The absurdity in the living room

Dolby announced for the fall of the first blue-ray and streaming services with Dolby Atmos, and the hardware is ready. But users are ready for 5.1.4?

These are days of turmoil in Dolby home, almost like when you were announcing the new digital surround encoding. Just yesterday, in fact Brett Crockett, director of Dolby Sound Research has announced that from next autumn will be available the first blu-ray movies encoded in Dolby Atmos, the system created in 2012 to movie theaters, but already prepared for use in homes. According to Crockett Dolby Atmos is already compliant with the blu-ray does not require any new readers. In the United States even more video streaming services would be ready for the fall or in the early months of 2015 to send to subscribers movies with Dolby Atmos.

A Dolby Atmos mania. The absurdity in the living room 2

At the same time the ads come to Onkyo, Denon, Yamaha and Pioneer that confirm the compatibility with Dolby Atmos for their home theater receivers top of the range, with all the new models or maybe with firmware update of existing equipment.

Much enthusiasm by Dolby is understandable, given the success of films like Godzilla, easy for manufacturers to implement a new decoding on the powerful DSP processors already in use in top-range models; but users will be equally available to install four new speakers at home to enjoy the benefits of the new coding? Recall that the Dolby Atmos home should include as a minimum a system with 9.1 speakers (some have changed in 5.1.4) to better reconstruct the effects of winding from the back and especially from above. In theaters Dolby Atmos can drive up to 64 speakers and the greater the benefit to the sound output from the speakers is just installed on the ceiling.